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Judi Mach, LMT

Judi Mach, LMT,  Bellanina, Face Lift Massage Specialist, provides professional massage therapies while adding spa-like touches to create a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.  Every service is designed to help you look and feel your best!

Honey Face Lift Massage & Face Toning - Let Judi introduce you to the relaxing, stimulating and rejuvenating experience of a Honey Face Lift Massage! She can create a skin care regimen  from her Best Pure Skin Care™ line  for your particular skin type to bring out the natural beauty of your face and continue your spa experience at home!

Imagine an all natural, holistic approach to obtaining and maintaining younger, smoother and healthier looking skin at any age. The Honey Face Lift Massage is the answer you have been looking for to decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, tone facial muscles and release and unblock stuck energy.  

Honey Face Lift Massage is perfect for those looking to hydrate, treat acne, or just relax.

An anti-aging weapon!. As you age, you also lose muscle tone in your face and gravity starts taking its toll. You can combat this by exercising those muscles on a regular basis. The Honey Face Lift Massage is designed to work your facial muscles in a specific sequence that produces results in just one treatment. However, just like any other fitness program, you have to make a commitment to a regular exercise program in order to get to your desired level of toning and tightening.

You can actually look younger without the use of painful injections, chemicals or surgery.
Have you ever thought about getting a facial for acne? If you suffer with acne at any age, one of the best ways to treat and prevent acne is to get an honey facial treatment.  
  • speeds up the results of at-home products
  • helps congestion
Since 1989, the Bellanina Honey Face Lift Massage has been utilized by thousands of clients around the world.

Therapeutic Massage - Mild to moderate pressure. A Swedish method of massage. Great for restoring well being, reducing tension and stress. Helps to calm the spirit as well as relaxing the body.

Judi is located in Thurmont, Maryland.

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Judi Mach, LMT
Center of Life Holistic Health Center
103 Park Lane, Thurmont, MD  21788

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